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The Fabric of the Cosmos

Quantum Leap


The Fabric of the Cosmos,” a four-hour series based on the book by renowned physicist and author Brian Greene, takes us to the frontiers of physics to see how scientists are piecing together the most complete picture yet of space, time, and the universe. With each step, audiences will discover that just beneath the surface of our everyday experience lies a world we’d hardly recognize—a startling world far stranger and more wondrous than anyone expected.

Brian Greene is going to let you in on a secret: We’ve all been deceived. Our perceptions of time and space have led us astray. Much of what we thought we knew about our universe—that the past has already happened and the future is yet to be, that space is just an empty void, that our universe is the only universe that exists—just might be wrong.

Interweaving provocative theories, experiments, and stories with crystal-clear explanations and imaginative metaphors like those that defined the groundbreaking and highly acclaimed series “The Elegant Universe,” “The Fabric of the Cosmos” aims to be the most compelling, visual, and comprehensive picture of modern physics ever seen on television.

The Fabric Of The Cosmos

There is no disagreement in quantum mechanics over any experiment that has ever been done. These quantum laws become most obvious when you get down to the tiny scales like atoms, but consider this; I’m made of atoms and so are you, and so is everything else in the universe that we can see around us. So it must be the case that these weird quantum laws are not just telling us about small things, they are telling us about reality… how planets orbit the sun, how a ball arcs through the sky. How a ripples spread across the surface of the pond. These rules have all been spelled out through quantum mechanics.


Dumii Cris says:

i dont understaaand… so they don’t know were the atoms or electrons are
until they look for them .. but i also don’t know were my grandma is until
i call her .. and this supose to be spooky? oh.. i know i don’t understand
what he’s talking about. how could i ? electrons that don’t have laws..
yeah right.. time is one big illusion and space is space-time and we need
antimatter to go to sirius and time is going slower and faster and
wormholes are thorethycal possible.. I’M AFFRAID WE NEED NEW SCIENTISTS!

KraftgleichEnergiedurch WellenlängeistdieWeltfomel says:

Time-pressure-theory: The formula of everything is F = E/Lambda, Force
equals Energy by the wavelength of light.
A quantum wave is a space with a variable photon density and there, where
are more photons, there is a higher degree of overlapping of photonenergies
Ep = hc/Lambda. That each energy E or f is a photon energy is a singular
aspect of reality and if in this volume were 3 photons then one could be a
gas fog, one a falling shoe and the third a flying bird. Nevertheless all
three photons have the same measureable small wavelength and between the
individual aspect and the measureable quantum there is a supersymmetric
string, but there is also a string between the observable quantum and the
microscopic individual event, which could be the microcosmic
indistinguishable states of the particles in the gas fog, the falling shoe
or the flying bird. This is a closed supersymmetrystring and is represented
by a torus, in which one cross section represents at once the surface of
the universe and one energy on the energy-scale between the microscopic and
the macroscopic extreme.

For example we have the energy of the universe EU = 10^68 J and ask for a
variable hc in the Planck-formula, because hc is only constant in
time-direction, which gives us the observable energy of a photon, hence
those one, which is represented us as time, as reality. Behind the reality
is the illusional reality or the moved quantum in the considered volume and
we see only the reality as this quantum when it is reflecting on the wall
of the phase space. This volume is d^4x in the Integral d^4x for the action
S = Inetgral (LL) d^4x. Multiplied with the entropy (unit J/K = 1/ms) it
ensues the universal force Fu = 3,16*10^25 N. This little volume d4x on the
reality side, like a evil child with dark wet hair coming out of the
fountain and passing the television surface to catch you, it can be either
1 or 0, singularity or equilibrium. This depends on the position of the
observable quantum inside this supersymmetrystring, thus its energy Ep =
hc/Lambda*h*, whereby h* = 10^34 m, and the local path in the torus or the
point on the border of the universe at the beginning and the end of the
path, which are the same. There are 10^102 possible point on the
border-line, because 10^68 J/10^-34 = 10^102. Energies can have only have
multiples of the verticality hsq = 10^-34 m, the Planck-constant
h_exp/(2pi0*A). h_exp = 6,62607*10^-34 Js.

1. The energy E = 10^68 J is to be a Planck-energy (E = Ep) and the
wavelength Lambda in F = E/Lambda shall be the elementary length of the
elementary lattice of the R3-space Lambda_g = root10*10^26 m. The light
velocity is c = (10^34)^1/4 = 316227766 m/s, a corrected value for
299792458 m/s because the duration of the seconds on their clocks is 1,0548
to long. I don’t have a clock. Then h = L = Ep*Lambda/c = 10^34 kg*m^2/s.
This angular momentum has the amount of the maximal horizontality h* =
10^34 m. Between angular momentum and distance is the momentum as virtual
parameter in the dark energy. If we let h constant and would search for a
variable c then we got c = Ep*Lambda/h = root10*10^76 m/s. This velocity is
a velocity, which is higher than 10^34 m/s, the maximal possible dark
velocity. This is a fundament in my theory, that nothing can be longer than
10^34 m and shorter than 10^-34 m and because each distance must be also a
time-pressure-layer with 1 prime-time-second side-length, the higher
velocity must be something new. There must be values higher than the
borders in the 4D-space as for a moved object the verticality increases and
decreases like a harmonic oscillator and per moved distance of 1 meter in
the R^3-space the verticality is passed root10*10^42 times and the passed
distance would be 10^34 + 10^34*10^-34*3,16227766*10^42 = (10^34 +
3,16227766*10^42) m. The reason for the root10*10^42 is because Lambda =
hc/10^68 J = root10*10^42 m. This is 10^34 m too long as if we should not
have passed any distance in the space to prevent this little diameter of
the universe. The modified Lorentz-transformation, which depends on a
Lambda says that for v = c the asymptotic free space-distance is always the
diameter of the universe and for each meter that an object goes in any
direction, there must be a negative and imaginary (complex number) meter in
the opposite direction. For an object, which arrives at the border of the
universe, there are NA = 1,7783*10^21 atoms as possibilities for
destination universes. For v = c the object would pass with the asymptotic
free space-distance 10^34*10^34 m = 10^68 m. I claim here yet that the
filling-distance between the maximal length root10^*10^42 m and 10^68 m ->
root10*10^-26 m is not longer distance, but force. The same we had for the
elementary time t_E = 10^-17 s and that times smaller than this value are
energies. One can say force equals length and time equals energy with
energy respectively angular momentum as virtual parameters. It must be
argued that root10^*10^42 m and root10*10^-94 m are the largest (for Ep)
and smallest wavelengths (for E) in the toroidal energy-table.

2. The energy E = 10^-68 J is to be a Planck-energy and h = L = Ep*Lambda/c
= 10^-34 kg*m^2/s for Lambda = root10*10^42 m. The symmetric middle between
both Lambdas of 1. and 2. is |c| and |10^34| is the lever to the both
wavelength. What is L for Lambda equal the elementary length? It is h = L =
Ep*Lambda/c = 10^-102 kg*m^2/s. It equals the number of energy states on
the vertical axis. The symmetric middle to L = 10^34 Js is 10^-34 Js and
the lever-difference is 10^68 Js. This is a balancing chain of parameters
in time-direction and it looks like a chaos pendulum hanging on a feather,
which is entropy in space-direction, the inverse of space times time. To
get the universal force Fu = L*S the entropy for the lever would be S =
Fu/L = root10*10^25 N/10^68 Js = root10*10^-43 1/ms.

Back to the torus above; there is the observable photon and it has a
certain equilibrium state between the macroscopic and microscopic extremes,
in the space and on the vertical axis. It looks like a feynam-diagram
between two 2D-branes and in the middle is the observable photon. 

elfootman says:

this is NOT 2014!!

Clark Magnuson says:

Back in the 19th century?
How did the Model A Ford use quantum mechanics. As a child I played with
the Model A ignition system, and it was not made with transistors. I was a
buzzer type switcher.

Shane McCausland says:

40 minutes in. That “teleportation” sounds like death + replication. So you
actually die and then get “cloned” on the quantum level.

oitchii daa says:

Are we the Aliens? Or are we in the matrix? Fuck I should of never took the
blue pill!!

Jt Mha Su ( ਜਟ ਮਹਾ ਸੀਹੁਂ ) says:

Quantum mechanivs or what ever is it means there is always the thing exist
which we don’t know !!!

KraftgleichEnergiedurch WellenlängeistdieWeltfomel says:

Probability is relative also! relative, because it may not be counted
mirror-images. Everything is sometimes illusion and real.

666nofun says:

This is old “Nova” space documentary series

hO Pistos says:

These shows are suffering from no new shows; I can only watch these clips
so many times over and over before I start asking where the new ones are

K E L .L O says:

y is it the same show back to back ?

Michael Bartell says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

KrackowKid says:

my head is spinning after after only 90 seconds.

Bobx007 says:

Not 1080p, not from 2014…..

Joshua Case says:

this is several years of and not even CLOSE to 1080p

xxoachikasxx says:

320p is the maximum quality

Kimberly Sikorski says:

Quantum Physics NOVA HD 1080p – Space documentary…:

diwakar ranganathan says:

so goooooood

Brenda Peters says:
marios manesis says:

thanks, great video and info

Nebukadnezart says:
joe joe says:

report this profile for stealing material

Praxis für energetische Heilung says:

Niccole Ali says:
SilentDiablo says:

Is this the same show shown twice to make it almost 2 hours long or an I
quantumly spookying that thought?

waswestkan says:

16,732 views generates a mere 13 comments before this comment is counted,
has to be some sort of record. Then the man who thought he was on the path
to disprove Quantum Physics when he was a young student, to discover his
work actually supported it says when he is much older says he accepts it
but still doesn’t understand it. it. What hope is their that there will
ever be evidence that most laymen can understand. Easy to understand what
the video tells us what happening, but understanding why it’s happening is
another story, because the math is beyond us.

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