John Hagelin, Ph.D | Consciousness & Unified Field Theory

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John Hagelin, Ph.D discussing Consciousness & Superstring Unified Field Theory, How is knowledge lost and The Observer.

“Modern quantum physics and molecular biology, neuroimmunology all say that we create our own realities and that we have a lot of responsibility over the world in which we live; at least in the way we experience the world and the way the world behaves toward us. Ultimately what we’d like to see is what is the physics of consciousness. We can ask that question today. What is consciousness? Where did we come from? What are the origins of consciousness? What are the limits of human potential? We are in a position to answer that now I believe, though we certainly are not at consensus yet in a scientific community about that yet, but the real cutting edge knowledge, the discovery of the unified field, the so called Superstring Field. We now understand that life is fundamentally ONE. At the basis of all life diversity is unity. At our basis, you and I are one. And that unity at the basis of mind and matter is consciousness. Universal consciousness.
So with that deep understanding that consciousness isn’t created by the brain, it’s not purely an outcome of a process of molecular chemical processes in the brain but is fundamental in nature. It’s the very core of nature and we call it the Unified Field. Now that we have that foundational understanding of what consciousness really is we solve the mind body problem. We can see how consciousness percolates up through our physiology to become the consciousness that we experience and see through sensory perception and all of that. There is a foundation now to really link rigorously neuroscience with quantum physics.”

Can you dive a little deeper into what the Unified Field really is?

“Progress through physics over the past quarter-century has been exploring deeper levels of natural law; from the macroscopic to the microscopic; from the molecular to the atomic, to the nuclear, to the subnuclear levels of nature’s functioning – the so called electroweak unified scale, grand unified scale, super unified scale. What we discovered at the core basis of the universe; the foundation of the universe, is a single universal field of intelligence. A field that unites gravity w/ electromagnetism, light with radio activity with the nuclear force… so that all the forces of nature, and all the so called particles of nature (quirks, protons, electrons, neutrons) are all understood to be ONE.
They are all just ripples on a single ocean of consciousness. It’s called the Unified Field or Superstring Field and it’s a mathematical tour de force but we have realized Einsteins dream. He dedicated half of his life to discovering the Unified Field and now in the context of the superstring has been achieved. So, unified field theory is based on the superstring identify. A single universal field intelligence, an ocean of existence at the basis at everything… mind and matter. And all the so called particles of the universe, the forces in our universe, everything in the universe are just ripples on that ocean of existence. That’s the unified field and that field is a non-material field. It is ultimately the field of consciousness.
We are really united at our core and knowing this is called enlightenment… and has been called enlightenment through the ages.”

Dr. John Samuel Hagelin is an American particle physicist, three-time candidate of the Natural Law Party for President of the United States, and director of the Transcendental Meditation movement for the United States.


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