Quantum the Microscopic Universe [Full Documentary]

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As they try to unravel the mysteries of the universe, scientists are coming to an outstanding conclusion. To make sense of outer space, they need to understand inner space. The microscopic matter that forms the foundation of everything we see.

An amazing Documentary on Quantum Physics, Microscopic Universe, and Quantum Entanglement, in which one particle can affect another particle instantly regardless of how far the distance. They could be billions of light years away, and the entanglement is still there.

Quantum the Microscopic Universe Full Documentary HD
Within our immense universe lies a lesser-known world of tiny particles. From strange neutrinos that pass right through matter to mysterious objects with names like MACHOs and WIMPs. Find out how this miniature world might hold the key to understanding the cosmos.
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nyk31 says:

Oh man i dont know whether to watch this or not the intro is too cool and
the guy has a cool voice. That means I won’t learn anything here i think

Kamil's View says:

Hey. I’m not allowed to share it on Facebook due to the links under the
video. Please, remove the links. Thanks

Anton Te says:

I cannot take this video seriously, the guy with the guitar holds
the guitar up-side-down. 

ZXnerve / selling channel says:

Just getting into all this stuff. Couldn’t be more intrigued! btw anyone
know the song playing at around 17:40 ?

Alex Gorshelev says:

quantum computing isnt the future though, optical computing is. electrons
are quite slow and photons are so much faster, wed have computers thousands
of times more powerful using optical based transistors, though i dont see
why we cant have a quantum based computer using photon/optical based

John Wyatt says:

Matter is in effect, energy solidified. The smaller you go in particle
size, the less matter it is and the more energy it is. Trying to understand
energy using the laws of physics, which in reality are the laws of matter,
does not work. we need to look at a new set of laws, the laws of energy.
Understanding this allows for particles to tunnel. They are in reality,
more energy than matter.

Seamless Robe says:

All things come out from the One and the One out from all things.. .
.E2=mc2 c4+p2.cq2.. . .
When the masses multiplies electrical potential by casting pebbles into
the plasma sea they see only wave ripples oscillating in between you and
me!.. . .or Huygens wavelets.. . .
Man has no idea, that those wave ripples are a locational rings series of
resonating and expanding spheres which are dissipating gravity at the same
ratio multiplying+/-dividing, entangling+/un-entangling – this is why the
point of charge Q is the same for the entire surface of an expanding light
sphere.. . .

All the forces of nature are formed by E2 a locational spherical inward
absorption density t=0 and now outward emission density of
vibrating quantized spherical wavefronts of electromagnetic radiation, or
photon oscillations forming the magnetic dipole qubit moment, or resonance
antimatter matter annihilation their output was the negation of their
input: 0 goes to 1,1 to 0.. . . forming positive and negative electric
charge and electromagnetic interference fields as time unfolds C2.. .
.as their individual light spheres super impose, crests and troughs become
in phase now, their spacetime lines will synchronize or, amplify by
compressing the wave amplitude now+4-0-4+-the shorter the
expanding transverse wavelengths dividing acceleration away from its source
in unison.. . .moment by moment, wavefront by wavefront, photon by
photon, qubit by qubit or quanta by quanta.. . .

Time is inverse multiplying +4-0-4+- dividing like frequency and
wavelength.. .

Time is shorter at one’s feet than at their head basically because of the
geometry the greater the energy compression contracting spacetime=0 now the
shorter the expanding wavelengths transverses an inward acceleration or
gravitation as time unfolds.. . .The amount of radiation compressing the
wave amplitude reaching 1 meter will then be one-fourth as much at 2
meters, hence one-fourth the intensity.. . .

Concentrated spheres at right angles, such as the Earth and Sun, are
surrounded by now slice layers of light of equal pressures.. . .Clouds
float around the Earth in them.. . .The reason they float in curves
parallel to the Earth is because of these equipotential planes of pressures
which curve as the Earth curves.. . .

Spherically curved planes of pressures act like lenses to multiply and
divided light radially.. . .Because everything is contracting and
expanding from a locational 4pi spherical inward absorption t=0 and outward
emission of electromagnetic waves.”

mysticfool says:

“There was nothing and then bang” – is the most far fetched bullshit theory
in existence. So-called rational science asks that we give them one free
miracle, then they will explain the rest! :)

Jim Bronaugh says:

The problem is that the instant we identify and determine the actions of
matter, by our very determination, it will change and become a different
action. We can never know because knowing will change what can be known and
therefore what we know will be invalid.

1972njr says:

Anyone need their mind blown today?
Chew on this a little while =)

Pașca Alexandru says:

This is such bullcrap.
What is “looking”? What is “measuring”?
Current observation methods in quantum physics are invasive and literally
are interfering with the measured event or so called particle. Of course it
behaves different…

Things will really get going when scientists stop confusing between matter
and energy even if they are, basically, the same thing in different
But first: observations whit out interfering. Then talk about magical
subatomic particles. …which are not particles unless they form an atom.

whactya says:

Quantum physics is hard enough to understand without documentaries
misrepresenting the reality. For example, at 12:51, the video gives the
impression that a single electron when passing through the double slit
leaves an interference pattern. It does not – it impacts the detector
(screen) as a single particle. The interference pattern is only observed
after many particles are detected. They do not need to be fired all at
once, however, so it is not that they are interfering with each other. But
it is the probability of detection at the screen locations that is

Valen S says:

how would they know if they didn’t look?

sheepblitzer says:

I want to be a quantum physicist when I grow up, so I can have lots of
grant money and prestige and a professorship all for making up a bunch of
crazy shit.

Phanteus says:

I have a feeling most of the people who try to say “Quantum physics is
gibberish” have less than a high school degree.

Yes, professors from top 10 world universities are definitely dumber than

Master Jedi says:


AbsoluteZeroTO says:

This many worlds thing of quantum physics is pure bs. I can understand
single or a few particles being in more than one place at a time due to
their behaviour but not humans or anything else on the macroscopic level. I
think these people who champion that hypothesis need to wake up and smell
the coffee.

Alexandru Jitaru says:

all this is fucking shit 

Maurice McDonald says:

I kind of always wondered how a person can truly see something smaller than
a light particle, which is how we see in the first place. But, I also
figured that it might very well be possible that there may be infinitely
smaller particles the more capable you are of detecting them. 

Shmogt says:

For that experiment where something can be in two places at the same time
have they tried being on the wall and looking towards the particle as it’s
fired? If they place an observer on the wall that the particle will hit
between the two openings so it can not see where the particle was fired
from. I would assume you would be able to see which hole the particle will
enter from. The particle now has the choice to enter the hole of it’s
choosing which they are saying will be both since it is not observed from
the start. 

Joey Kelly says:

I’m sorry, but the uncertainty principle just sounds like us blaming nature
because we can’t find an answer.

Erisvaldo Junior says:


Mikkel Mowinckel says:

Am I the only one getting tired of documentary narration sounding like
cheesy movie trailers?

tempersne says:

What a bunch of nonsense… Because we can’t really see what is happening
we make up a bunch of superstitious bull shit..

tudorraneti says:

quantum mechanics is esothery for probabilities, a bad esothery. I wonder
how they observe a quantum state if they can’t actually observe quantum
states. I’m pretty sure quantum entanglement is a prejudice, a bad
interpretation all thanks to the bad esothery of quantum mechanics

coltsrule5150 says:

What if our universe is the equivalent to the size of an atom, compared to
the greater scheme of existence? We keep assuming that the edge of the
universe is it, there’s nothing beyond that. And ironically, it’s the same
thing we believed about the Atlantic Ocean.
As huge as our universe is, it may be nothing more than a grain of sand on
a beach.
We may be smaller than we think.
Just another universe in a sea of universes. All with different laws of
physics, different laws of reality.

19coyote80 says:

Nice to see an articulate black scientist

heliocentric68 says:

its clearly a very weird universe we live in so even if we get the answers
they may not make sense…cause and affect…its supposedly possible that
in the right circumstances you can get the affect before the cause, that
would explain why we cant work out the beginning of the universe because it
hasnt happened yet…we are living right now in the affect and the cause is
yet to come…my guess is scientists using the large hadron collider will
fuck up big time and the resulting explosion will cause our universe! which
means we are stuck in a 14billion year loop, and the scientists messing
with the LHC have to keep fucking up every time or our universe wont keep
coming into existance…just a thought

bammbamm12 says:

I say it’s baloney. And my conclusion is just as valid as a scientist’s,
because none of this is falsifiable. They need bs stories to keep their
funding and grants alive, so that’s allwe’re going to get until someone
finds the truth.

ceffydriver says:

american documentary = lots of explosions, brightly coloured computer
graphics, lots of dramatic music and lack of explanatory narrative… Is it
me or in comparision to doco’s from the BBC these doco’s are a little (a
LOT) dumbed down just to get people interested but not overwhelm them?

Matthew Conti says:

The double slit experiment shows us that thought really is the basis of all
reality…..and from this notion we can ascertain that the Matrix is in
fact REAL. So everybody must make friends with the machines, otherwise
they’ll eat your brain. That’s why Larry Wackowski is now LANA Wackowski.
He couldn’t handle it and neither can any of you!

JC Palmer says:

Reality isn’t a figment of our imagination, it’s definitely real. 🙂 Sorry
for the spoiler everyone. I know, I know. *boooo jared*

All I want to know is that when I come home there will be food on the

Gaerteuth says:

This is nothing but conjecture that’s been oversimplified and
misrepresented so that somebody sitting on their couch can shake their head
to it. Call me back when we have more accurate technology to observe the
subatomic particles, rather than inaccurate machines that give
non-intuitive results.

arcykaplanhehe says:

it makes no sense… if youre not looking at those particles, they behave
like a wave… how do you now that?

twinboost says:

OMG, Is it not simple? it is all about time,, It takes time to observe ,
therefore we the observer are always slightly behind the “now” moment of
time where the universe subatomic structure is the now , so to is
consciousness and quantum are one and the same , the time it takes for
cognition seems fast but at the instant now moment in time it is a long way
behind it, so we actually are always slightly in the past , dark matter is
just space , bloody hell nothing is needing for something to vibrate and
spin in, as for the big bang , my personal opinion is that is a crock of
shit, if indeed our lil planet and solar system is slowly being pulled in
toward a great mass in the centre of our galaxy then would it not appear
that any cosmic body outside of our galactical fuzzy band would be
expanding ,, the universe is infinite and eternal, life is caught in the
persistence of time , no need to apply it to the universe… 

ברי לוי says:

This video is outdated.

Corey Kearney says:

quatem physics for my boy

leeds48 says:

First, at 26:30 – the many worlds claim – this is pure pap for the masses
and a ridiculous claim – to protect science’s and our culture’s reigning
worldview: materialism. Materialism is the belief that all that exists is
matter. In other words, our reality is made up of stuff. On the other
hand, what the founders of quantum science knew, and what studies prove
with more and more certainty with every passing year – is that matter is an
illusion and that consciousness is primary. All that exists is
consciousness. Take, for example, Max Planck.” Max Planck: “I regard
consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative of
consciousness.” And, “There is no matter as such… This Mind is the
matrix of all matter.” This video hints at this – then goes right on by.

The many worlds hypothesis violates Occam’s razor big time, posits a
preposterously large amount of information – for what little it can
explain. Far more efficient/elegant is to view particles as represented by
probability waves – with matter actualized by consciousness.

Benno Ejsing says:

They haven’t got a clue on what D M are.
Theres only 1/2 dimension visible
Other half is the return path of the centrifugal effect going into
centripetal velocities as the return path is outside Tides it uses
antidistance to travel back into mother Vortex (e g the radiation bubbles
over and beneath any given particle as we do NOT have 3 diminsions on 1/2!
And if we should discuss dimensions
There is Nine +1 dimensions
4 INSIDE-The Universe-4 OUTSIDE+

Michael J.D Saguri says:

So Cool, the part about the Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Computers,
this must be old cause this year G Wave Systems out of Burnaby CANADA, yes,
those brainiacks up there that keep blowing the world away with their
military inventions,, Announced the Worlds First Quantum Entanglement
Computer, Quantum Computer, and both Google and NASA and the NSA , also
Lockheed Martin and the C.I.A immediately purchased a system at initialy
2 links about D Wave,, –> –>

here is another link too,, –>


ICEN says:

A few things I don’t understand. I get what they are saying about those
small particles acting as if they are doing two completely different things
but I don’t get what that means for real life as we are looking at it now.
For example If I don’t look at my arm I know my arm is still there, if I
look at my arm my arm is still my arm. My question is so what if its true
what does that mean about real life that we view because I don’t understand
how they think that changes what I am seeing because we already know that
our computer is going to be sitting at home reguarldess if we look at it or

The other thing I don’t understand is why the hell people in the comments
are arguing over god lololol. Who really gives a shit, I seriously don’t
get why people even cry about what someone believes in because there is no
point. My point is why are you derps going to far out of your way to try to
change someones mind about what they want to think, its like your taking
your daily time out of your life because its making you butthurt that
someone can choose to think how they want.

Comment section is funny for all the people whining over each other and
what they think. Pretty sure all of us sane people in the comment section
can careless about if you want to believe in your brain we are just here to
watch the video and understand wtf they are talking about because I still
don’t get how it relates to what we visually see outside of subatomic

BTW I still believe in god and I know science is mostly factual besides
some things that can’t be explained. My point is that all science does for
me is further prove to me god exist in my mind or would only explain to me
how god has done things. For example we can clone humans if we wanted to so
its as if you know how to make a human or you would know how someone or
something made a human based on science showing you how its done or a way
to do it.

My big point was why the hell are all of you butthurt over each other as if
you are losing sleep at night over if someone chooses to believe spaghetti
like me or no spaggatti? LOL I just come hear to learn shit I can careless
what the hell people are thinking, all I know is that everyone came here to
probably learn about the world sooo…. what da fuck is up with everyone
arguing over shit that is off topic?

The NWO government would be proud of you guys, thats exactly how they want
you guys to be is to argue and split you all up, it all goes with their
nastly plot 😀
Well hopefully you fucks stop bitching about random shit that is off topic
and try to explain wtf this has to do with me viewing my arm when I am not
looking or looking because I don’t get how it relates to anything I am
seeing or not seeing right now.

I understand what they are saying but I don’t get how it effects my life at
all or relates to it. To me it just seems like when they try detecting it,
that the device is FUCKING UP The results because its interacting with it,
hence why my arm is still going to be here no matter if I don’t look at it
or look at it because nothing like a fucking laser gun is interacting with
my arm to make it change.

OmegaWolf747 says:

Is the many worlds theory the same as the multiverse theory?

Mike* says:

maybe the quantum world is not so Mysterious” maybe the reason we see one
or the same partical in Numerous places at Once” is because of Multi
worlds…maybe like endless copies of this world that Live in quantum
states and when we observe them we see a lot of what we think are the same
particals but actually what we see are endless particals from
Multi-universes as Scientist Say just might be fact”..”as in Multiverse..
Maybe they can all interact with all of these endless Particals or at least
the ones which interact” with eachother.”……..Maybe…?

annaoflasvegas says:

I clearly understand how something came from nothing. Why? because I
meditate and there is nothing, then I come to and there is something. You
people over think everything. The nothing being spoken about is anything
but the nothing you’re thinking about.

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