David Wynn Miller – Quantum Grammar ( Full Seminar )

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Please allow me to present to you, David Wynn Miller. This guy has some crazy stories that are pretty shocking, but apparently most end up checking out. What do you think?

David Wynn Miller (born September 17, 1949), also styled :David-Wynn: Miller, is a former tool and die welder and current activist in a tax protest group affiliated with the Sovereign Citizen Movement. He is a proponent of the use of certain syntax he created to be used by people involved in legal proceedings. He refers to his syntax as QUANTUM-LANGUAGE-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR which he asserts constitutes “correct sentence structure communication syntax.” Defendants have attempted to use Miller’s syntax or ideas in courts of the United States and Canada, without success.

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The subject of this upload:

This is 24 parts uploaded into one 9 hours and 30 minutes part.

For the Quantum-Language of the Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication­-Parse-Syntax-Grammer

David Wynn Miller – Quantum Grammar Seminar – September 2012

Small Business LoansDavid Wynn Miller Claims:

  • He is a 92nd degree Mason. Mason’s only recognize 32 degrees, but in 1988 he broke the math interface to all 5,000 languages, unlocked the secrets with his language converter and was able to reinsert the missing words to the Mason’s teachings and achieve the 92nd degree. He is the first to achieve that level in 8,500 years.
  • With his math interface, he can write any sentence, in any language, front or backward, yielding the same meaning.
  • Within 48 hours of publication of his math /language interface, he had two Secret Service Agents visit him. Telling him, “Do you realize what you have done? You have just disqualified every treaty, trust and contract in 8,500 years on earth.” Miller told them he published to all nations on the planet, at once, as well as news agencies. This was done to protect himself.
  • Note To The Reader: A great deal of his seminars is the teaching of his math/language interface. It categorizes words differently as to verbs, nouns etc than we are accustomed to. I will not give much detail explanation of that process here. I will simply give you his conclusions of certain words and word phrases so you can follow the history he is about to give you.
  • Rule: A vowel followed by two consonants are a No-Contract word, thus a non-word or meaningless word in the document.
  • The word “world” is a verb “Do you live in a world of a verb, or a world of fact?” Therefore, the “World of Verb” was destroyed in all 5,000 languages when he published.
  • During a divorce proceeding, in 1988, he lost his children. He then used his method to have the judge removed from the bench three times until the judge died. This covered nine years of his career that he could not operate as a judge.
  • That anger with the legal system set him on his path to overturn the legal system.
  • Bio: In 1975 he became a college professor in engineering classes (38 years). He has 3 PhDs, 17 years of full-time college, 517 college credit hours.
  • Worked nights as a dye welder and attended school full-time days. He didn’t sleep, and got a second full-time career with his own in real estate company (26 yrs.), teaching underwater welding, etc., and he has 80,00 hours of law experience. Performed 2,500 seminars, including 1000 TV and radio live performances. He has an IQ of 200, reads 200 words per second of math code.
  • It took him 6 years to discover the quantum grammar math interface.
  • What they teach you in school is not actually what is going on. We all have a second-grade reading level, by design, for the entire planet. This was for the purpose of us being harvested.
  • All Federal Judges and Federal judges at the state level, control the parse syntax grammar, and the secrets therein.
  • In 1989, he went to the U.S. Supreme Court and announced he was there to, “Prosecute Chief Justice William Raenquest for treason” He was arrested and placed in a room there. Later, Rehnquist met with him alone there and discussed all of the facts here.
  • Miller taught Rehnquist the math syntax and the judge taught him all the procedures the court uses. Miller says that he had the Judge removed from office in June 2005. Until then, they were good friends.
  • A lot of what the judge taught were in error because some of the language had been hidden from him too.
  • We are all actors in a play that has already been written. We believe we have certain choices in life, but the fact is, that we are on 7-year timetables, that run on domestic bankruptcies and 70 years for international bankruptcies. These bankruptcies have controlled the planet for the past 6,500 years.
  • For the past 6,700 years, all countries have been controlled by the Postmasters of the world, not the judges, kings or presidents. This goes back to Farah, hence, the Masons.
  • Dollar / Flag Demonstration. He shows a box around a dollar bill. The eagle wings, turned up, representing the Phoenix. The eagle on top of the U.S. flagstaff is turned up – the Vatican rule; banking.
  • The flag has yellow fringe on it – it is a maritime flag. Miller says he sued for control of the patent of the flag, thus the flag was changed in size with the fringes because it had to. The gold braid is for commerce.
  • Anything placed on top of the flag (eagle) cancels the contract of what a flag is. Thus, you think you are looking at a U.S. Flag, but actually.
  • The word “United”is composed of “Un” meaning “no” and “ted” meaning “citizen”, thus translated as “No Citizen”.
  • Therefore, we are all under commerce, by way of the Vatican, through the Vatican’s Postmaster, operating under Switzerland’s Postal Union.
  • In a 2009 seminar in New Zealand, to 90 of the 1200 tribal chiefs that live there. He stated that the Post Office, since 1800, has not had a correct parse-syntaxed law or treaty. Three days later, the Post Office had a treaty correct syntaxed treaty with Miller.
  • In August 1999, he sued the Post Office for the U.S. flag, filing a new quantum grammar description of the flag and won the patent. On August 13, 1999, all flags had the gold fringe added as a result.
  • In 1968 Neil Armstrong said from the moon, “Oh look, the earth is a vessel in the sea of space”. At that time, the entire world put gold fringes on all flags, making the entire earth under maritime law.
  • Maritime activity is controlled by the Dept of Transportation, which is controlled by the Postal Service, through Switzerland. Bern-Switzerland was established on October 22, 1861, in Hawaii, the first country to sign a treaty with Bern-Switzerland to transfer cargo anywhere on earth for 2 cents. Cargo means letters. All 250 countries signed that same treaty within one year.
  • That treaty charged 2 cents per vessel. At the time, a vessel was believed to be a letter. However, now it is understood that vessel is meant to be ships, wagons, and people. In effect, they captured control over all planetary commerce. A year later, the rate went to $1. per vessel.
  • Obit. On Jan. 8, 1882, a small article was left in a Hawaii newspaper. Miller check it out. Hawaii was the start of the Post Office to capture all countries into its web of control through postal zones. That article was an obituary of the Portuguese Masonic eye, French Masonic eye, German scale, and the English scale.
  • On Jan. 14, 1882, all the Hawaiian Masons got together with the Post Office, Immigrations and Customs and the Supreme Court of Hawaii, and reached a treaty that stated: “If the Hawaiians are off the land for twenty years, then Hawaii is free for settlement.”
  • There was a twenty year Right of Rescission on that Treaty to take over Hawaii, which expired in January 1893. This is when the U.S. claimed it.
  • However, it was actually the world Post Office system that took it.
  • When the Hawaiian people tried to sue in state court for the return of their country, they were told that that court had no jurisdiction. The same happened in Federal and then the U.S. Supreme Court – no jurisdiction.
  • From 1893 to January 6, 2009, no one knew who was guilty.
  • Miller syntaxed one of a major Mason books titled, The Secrets of all Nations with the Masons, by Manly Hall. There are only five copies of that book known to be in existence. It covers world history for 85,00 years.
  • This book covers religions, Tarot Cards, Witchcraft, grammar, parse, language, etc. After he syntaxed the book, it grew from 2 inches thick to 6 inches thick, from adding the missing words proved out by mathematics.
  • The book was written in verb – adverb method, and not the correct Prepositional Phrase method he advocates. He later did the same with the Koran and the bible.

Source: http://src-fla.us/index.php/toolkit/80-rant/144-miller-recap
David Wynn Miller’s Website: http://dwmlc.com/

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