Ram Dass | The Advanced Course [Full Lecture]

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Ram Dass | The Advanced Course

[Full Lecture]

We suffer when there is an imbalance between our inner truth and the way we live our lives. Responding to a comment by one of the participants at the 1993 “Wisdom Heart” retreat, Ram Dass gave this lecture about bringing greater awareness into each and every moment of our lives. (Summer 1993)

Photos: Lisa Law, Tom Asher, Rameshwar Das

Advanced Course Full Lecture by Ram Dass


Blair Weaver says:

Bravo. Sense of humor (Chogyam Trungpa) in tension of duality, (tension
no), way thru is thru suffering, balance between two, Christ way of the
cross, between fundamentalism and mysticism, true/false
self….separate/part of whole, caregiver/sufferer, Jew/Muslim,
particular/universal….Good video with read of Chogyam Trungpa Spiritual

Elise Kert says:

Well, Ram Dass nailed it once again! Talking about voluntary simplicity and
an evolution of consciousness, and this was almost twenty years ago!

Ram Dass Channel says:
Greg Kirby says:

Thank you, Ram Dass. :-)

Jon Harris says:

Many thanks 

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