Rainn Wilson: A Spiritual Revolution is Coming

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Rainn Wilson: A Spiritual Revolution is Coming

Rainn Wilson talks about the coming spiritual revolution that must happen in order for us to move forward as a human race.

“I think that there’s another revolution coming. I’m not sure what to look like but I’m sure it’s very interesting and it’s going to unfold over the next 10 years and I think it needs to be a spiritual revolution.
I think that our systems are broken. I don’t think that our political systems will ever work no matter how great a man… If you cloned JFK and Abraham Lincoln and made them president it wouldn’t matter. Our system is just too corrupt and too broken. I think that science is corrupt and broken, I think health and nutrition, I think the economic systems, the international relations, the environment; everything… the engines of everything are broken. There are some good ideas there behind and some good intentions, but these are going to break down more and more and more. We are going to see these wide pendulum swings because people are scrambling for answers and it doesn’t work and so the young people are going to need to, like they did in the 60’s, they are going to need to take the reins here and really look at the world in a fresh new way and say enough is enough, you guys screwed it up. We need to take our planet back and I think part of that journey, part of that revolution needs to be spiritual. I think that the world spiritual is very loaded and a very weird word but, I think it needs to be with ‘a heart based wisdom.’ This heart based wisdom needs to go hand-in-hand with science, social activism, Love for our planet, Love for whole human family that spans the whole globe and this might sound very high and mighty or airy fairy but it’s going to have to go to that or we are all going to just destroy each other.”
– Rainn Wilson


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