Master The Mind To Create Your Reality

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Master The Mind To Create Your Reality

Every thought we think and speak is actually creating our future. It’s as though thoughts go out to the universe and are accepted and sent back to us as an experience. If you can really accept the fact that every time you think a thought or speak a word, you are literally painting your future, making your dinner or whatever you want to call it; you are creating… and you are creating your own life.

Once you accept this, you can deliberately creating what you want in your life. You also become aware of what you don’t want in your life, and how you are contributing to it.

You must train yourself to become aware of what you are thinking. One of the ways to do this is to periodically ask yourself, “what am I thinking? Would I like this thought to create my life? Would I like to have the experience that this thought can bring to me?”

It might take a while to do that, but if we can even start on the smallest level to be aware of our thinking, we can start to make changes.

You may want to start with positive or doing affirmations. This involves making positive statements about your life that are uplifting and positive in nature. You must do these deliberately in the morning or in the night; you may do them twice a day or whenever until it becomes a habit. This alone will cause noticeable change. To do this in a more powerful way, do your affirmations while looking in the mirror while looking in your own eyes and accepting yourself or noticing that you reject yourself when you are saying something positive about yourself. This is a very beginning way to start.

If you can start your day by staring yourself in the mirror in the eye and tell yourself “I love you,” it’s very powerful because the universe is listening to everything you say, and everything you think and it says “Ok, you can get that.” And so it begins to bring things in, and things into you. The universe will figure out how to manifest that and how to bring it about in your life causing things to happen that you wouldn’t expect at all.

Your positive affirmations is like planting a seed in the ground. It might not be something true at the moment but is something you want to be true; so you put the seed in and expect it to grow… and you maybe plant 3 seeds just in case, but expect them to grow.

Gratitude helps a LOT! The universe LOVES gratitude. The more you are grateful for all the good in your life, the more good you get to be grateful about.

Some people call this the Law Of Attraction. The Law of Attraction, made popular by Abraham-Hicks, is also called The Law of Divine Right, The Law of Good, The Law of Deliberate Creation, The Law of Creation, The Law of Love and some even equate it to Karma.

Thought feed off of feelings and feelings feed off of thought but it’s VERY important to note that the universe does not understand your words or thoughts. It only understands and reacts to the feeling vibrations behind your thoughts and words. Everything is created from the inside out and if you don’t feel it on the inside, it is not likely to manifest on the outside. You have to convince yourself before you can convince the universe… Hm, could that be because we ARE the universe? I’ll leave that up to you to figure out on your own.


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