DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) How Do They Keep The Lid on This?

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Why is it a secret? Is DMT dangerous? How DO they keep the lid on it? You’d think a society as obsessed with the paranormal as ours would want to check out the “spirit molecule“….

“You know, sometimes people ask me if DMT is dangerous, and the honest answer is, only if you fear death by astonishment. And… death by astonishment is a real danger in these places. I mean these places are not simply strange, or amazing, or highly peculiar, they are ABSOLUTELY CONFOUNDING. I mean that’s what I’m trying to get across. This is not going to require just some minor adjustment of our world view. These are the things they said were impossible, the things they promised, assured were impossible are possible. The greatest secret that has been kept from us is that the world is a thousand times a million times stranger than your wildest supposition. And how they keep the lid on this stuff, I do not understand. I mean I don’t understand why I’m the only person saying this, because I’m completely convinced of my own ordinary-ness. I am only a human being, I represent all of you. What happens to me would happen to you, there’s nothing special about me. Well then, my God how do they keep the lid on this stuff. It’s weird. If a fleet of flying saucers were to land on the South lawn of the white house tomorrow, it would not change the fact that the weirdest thing in the universe is the DMT flash. Flying saucers landing on the South lawn of the white house is a positively mundane possibility compared to this thing, which is real! It’s here, it’s now, you don’t have to go to Babaji, you don’t have to go to the Himalayas, it’s three tokes away! And yet, you know, we argue ‘Is it possible? What does it mean? Is it this? Is it that?’ It’s amazing to me. I mean it is the New World. The Europeans eventually discovered the new world but they had to sail galleons three months through Hell to get there. This is three tokes and 30 seconds away and it is the absolute confounding exhibit of the whole structure of Western civilization. How can they keep the lid on it? I don’t get it.”

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