Terence McKenna | Calling The Butterflies – Workshop, 1992

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Terence McKenna | Calling The Butterflies

Workshop 7th February 1992

Views On Science And An Exploration Into Agricultural Societies.

Esalen Institute, Big Sur CA.

“I think drugs are much safer than gurus.”
“The clue that something weird is going on on this planet is ourselves. Obviously! I mean, we are like a fart at the opera.”
“The world is magic, not a little bit, one hundred percent. Every atom from one end of this cosmos to the other is magic, magic, magic.”

Terence McKenna


Spliced together from episodes of The Psychedelic Salon…

Podcast 416 – “McKenna: Psychedelics Are The Way Out”


Podcast 417 – “Earth Mind and Monkey Mind”


Podcast 418 – “Death By Astonishment”


Podcast 421 – “Personal Implications of a DMT Flash”


Podcast 423 – “Is There Hope In All Of This?”


McKenna/Che image by Zarquon



Deus Ex McKenna ~ Terence McKenna Archive says:

5:15:22 The calling the butterflies story.

Terence/Che image by Zarquon…

Chris Schilling says:

Life is a endless rehearsal; one is always preparing for the next
existence. This thought reoccurred to me about four hours in, when Tibetan
Buddhism came up in conversation. I’ve had this thought before hearing of
Tibetan Buddhism; ’twas outside the sanctioned playpen of ordinary
cognition, at its inception. Interesting, to me anyway.

Mark Needham says:

There is something very important imbedded in this talk. This idea of a
more perfect logos or a transcending model of language that manipulate
space and time more efficiently. I truly believe this is resolution for all
the issues in the world. A language that can manifest finished work as
opposed to delegate duty to the ends. “If wishes bought horses, beggars
would ride”, The WORD of God. The language of Babel etc etc. It lies within
the DNA. The universal language of life. This is the future of a free and
equal humanity. We have to pick up where the brothers left off at around
5:00:00 mark.

Adam Garcia says:

Many thanks for compiling and uploading this. Excellent as usual !

Sarah Horne says:

A wonderful talk from Terence McKenna exploring ideas including; culture,
Jean Jacques Rousseau and Social Contract theorists, the idea of being born
into a culture as being born in a cultural contract which you never signed
(akin to a form of slavery), explorations in where we might go now – how we
became a society enslaved to the ego beginning when we changed from being a
nomadic society to an agrarian society, the use of psychedelics in our
evolution and dissolving those ego boundaries… (I’m 4 hours in so far but
time flies by when listening to Terence!) 

delerium2k says:

‘Why Eve Was Right’ is a way cooler and catchier title than Food of the

C Carter says:

So much amazing knowledge!!!

shenmueso says:

i wish hed been around to see the oculus rift.

Tim Dorsey says:

Is there an uncut version of this talk?

Levi Hamilton says:

I hope these lost gems just keep appearing for years to come!

armchairjourney111 says:

we tripy maing

kitengamheart says:

oh god this gave me another piece of the puzzle thanks thanks thanks thanks
!!!! 6 hours flew so fast i can listen to him all day !! thanks!

pikslide360 says:

Eet twit e chi ba we wa bala pa ne ba. Swu cha bal kanaba bing chang!

xscoobysnax says:

Philosophy for the philosopher

frodoggbooboo says:

A plethora of new ideas from Terence, the “bard”. Wow!

mikeacid111 says:

great unspeakable talk ;D thx for upload —–D

r grant says:

More #TerenceMcKenna

richidpraah says:

Nice icon! :)

Nerf TLT says:


Peter S. López says:

▶ Terence McKenna – Calling The Butterflies – Workshop, 7 February 1992
http://youtu.be/XuQr7JAlKSE ~Pub Nov 17, 2014 via Terence McKenna Archive
▶ Connect @Peta_de_Aztlan
▶ Terence McKenna & Riane Eisler ~ Man & Woman At The End Of History (1988)
http://youtu.be/tMB2XIe9gI8 ~Pub Aug 4, 2012 via Terence McKenna Archive
FYI: Terence McKenna – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
(November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000)

Jughand says:

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practicree nigga

innerlocus says:

Another long winters night
bed time story, by one of the best.

Jughand says:

mellowawncollie probably salt inkcorporated 1212

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