Coronavirus Is Our Future | Alanna Shaikh | TEDxSMU

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Global health expert Alanna Shaikh talks about the current status of the 2019 coronavirus outbreak and what this can teach us about the epidemics yet to come. Alanna Shaikh is a global health consultant and executive coach who specializes in individual, organizational and systemic resilience. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in public health from Boston University. She has lived in seven countries and it the author of What’s Killing Us: A Practical Guide to Understanding Our Biggest Global Health Problems. Recent article publications include an article on global health security in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper and an essay in the Annual Review of Comparative and International Education. She blogs on coaching and personal resilience at This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. 

Because this is such an important subject, I will also share with you all some very important articles and links that help answer many of the questions you might have.

World Health Organization ArticlesWHO

Coronavirus (COVID-19)Center of Disease Control and Prevention

Some people who recover from the coronavirus might be left with ’20 to 30%’ less lung function, and gasping for breath when they walk quickly, Hong Kong doctors saidBusiness Insider

A COVID-19 coronavirus update from concerned physiciansMedpageToday’s


Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — and that’s the real global emergencyMSN

‘Don’t believe the numbers you see’: Johns Hopkins professor says up to 500,000 Americans have coronavirusYahoo Finance 

The Extraordinary Decisions Facing Italian DoctorsThe Atlantic 

And now I’m going to a bit political…

Trump Two Weeks Ago: “The Coronavirus is a Democrat Hoax”
Trump Today: “I’m declaring the Coronavirus a National Emergency”

Trump on Coronavirus

Everyone is a Socialist during a Pandemic

Everyone is a Socialist during a Pandemic.


Strangely, some prefer to keep giving away trillions each year for more Nuclear Warheads, and to keep expanding the Military. I choose Free Healthcare For All. I pray you do too.




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