Biology of Belief – by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

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Dr. Bruce Lipton rocked the scientific community with a groundbreaking discoveries shedding new light on what actually controls biology. Mr. Lipton was a Cellular Biologist at the University of Wisconsin cloning human muscle cells; taking cells out of people and putting them in a petri culture dish and studying individual cells in an effort to understand what was controlling their fate; what was making this dystopic or pathological, what was making them normal in the control process.

In this research he started to come to an understanding that greatly differed from his whole scientific foundation that we were controlled by genes. In the end, the research lead him in on the insight that it was the perception of the environment that controlled the cell. At cell level, perceptions are perceptions, but at human levels, perceptions are ‘beliefs.’

It turns out that it’s actually our ‘beliefs’ that select our genes and select our behaviour. Genes do not control biology! The beautiful part about all this is that we are not victims to our genes. In this presentation Bruce will provide you with a molecular connection of how a belief actually switches on a gene.

Guest Rob Williams provides you with information and tools about how you can rapidly change beliefs. Belief changing is not that hard of a process, in fact it can be done almost in mins.

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