Bashar | Nuclear Weapons Of War

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Bashar explains how the release of energy from a nuclear explosion would affect dimensions, time, space, and other worlds.


“Are extraterrestrial civilizations monitoring our planets handling of nuclear weapons, and what happens to the fabric of space-time if nuclear weapons of large yield are detonated?”

Bashar’s Answer:

“In some senses it is warped. In some senses it is penetrated and dissolved. Barriers between dimensions breakdown. The idea of a large release of energy, nuclear or otherwise – but nuclear is sufficient to do it, large releases of energy of that nature will tend to interpenetrate different dimensions and affect realities in different spectral ranges.

This arena of your nuclear weaponry is just about the only area in which the civilizations observing earth will actually directly intervene depending on the situation; because of the fact that it doesn’t just affect you when you release the energy from those nuclear weapons. It affects others not of your world…”

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