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Improve Your Life Using the Wisdom of The Ages
Dr. Wayne Dyer 

Wisdom of the Ages is not about appreciating poetry and philosophy as much as it is about applying the wisdom of these writers to our everyday lives. This powerful collection of writings, poems and sayings by some of the greatest thinkers of the past twenty-five centuries, as interpreted by Wayne Dyer, speaks to the question of how we can give meaning to our lives today. In succinct original essays, Dyer sets out to explain the meaning and context of each selection, and, most important, to explain how we can actively apply these teachings in the here and now. Sixty thinkers-Buddha, Michelangelo, Rumi, Whitman, Jesus, Emerson, among others-here are treasured passages on a variety of subjects, including solitude, time and passion. Among the contributions are words on inspiration about the power of prayer from St Francis of Assisi as well as thoughts about the importance of action written by Mother Theresa.

“Henry David Thoreau… went to prison because he refused to pay his taxes to a government that was performing a holocaust on his / this very land in N. America, removing the Native Americans, from the Indian Removal Act, signed by President Jackson.

He said people who pay their taxes to a government that will do these things, are just as guilty as those who are doing this. People like Henry are detached from outcome. This means they are living their life in “purpose”.” – Wayne Dyer



Wisdom of the Ages by Wayne Dyer

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Drew Norton says:

wayne dyer is one of my favorite people! he is a living saint!

phil larkin says:

wayne dyer puts it across so well, 

Carol Runzel says:

wayne dyer is a good teacher go to pch.com wisdom of the
ages with wayne dyer

Teachings of Abraham Hicks - Manifesting in the Vortex says:

So much wisdom. The power of your mind is unlimited!

pepu dzungu says:

Dyer Vanorova shoko zvakaipa mwari arambe achikuropafadza

Dingi Masakale says:

My mentor 

Carol Runzel says:

this is carl &carol pch.com clering house wayne dyer and

peterbadgely says:

can’t believe no one asked what year this is 1993-6?

Gokul Nair says:

fortunate to listen to him in our life time

Ludvig Lagerfors says:

Realy good right in time.. :-)

UkPowerful says:

I like dyer and Idont see why people get upset with what i liek and what
makes me feel good. Words like snake etc will not apply on what makes me
feel good. I stoped me Ego from rejecting Dyer, you dont think anyone
posting messages with low energy words will change my mind, or do you?

Stepper11 says:

If everyone is doing what they love, then who will clean the public toilets?

Stepper11 says:

Heh. I love a clean toilet. I just hate doing it. : )

Conrado Barimbao jr says:

the mean reason why this television sponsor this person is to open your
awareness mr. snake person..

DennisOvation says:

Wayne Dyer has raised OVER $150 MILLION for PBS, & countless other efforts.
I hate it when people piss all over things, especially when it’s from
ignorance. Reminds me of neocon jagoffs reviling Sean Penn. I’m not a
complete fan of his exploits, but I read an article where a pundit made a
good point: “Say what you will about the man, but how many people did YOU
personally rescue in New Orleans?” And that was BEFORE his Haiti work.
Whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice…”?

GentleWhispering says:

Eye opening

The code of our matrix says:


Zariah Stanley says:

My gramma got me wacthing and listen too this and im seven years old his
great like there great☆♥★♡

Reverend Eslam says:

I LOVE the analogies about dancing and concerts!

1holyexperience says:

This guy blows me away… we are so lucky to have these powerful Master
teacher’s to help guide us in this often times crazy world.

Zariah Stanley says:

I love Wayne Dyer

Dub Siren says:

Inspirational beyond words, thank you and God bless you Mr. Dyer. PS and
thank you for posting this Rod !

Tvan Ng says:

A few comments in Dr. Dyer’s talk was copied from Alan Watts. Search for
Alan Watts on Youtube and listen to him, he was true spiritual teacher in
the 70s. In other books and letures, he also copied spritual analysis on
things from Alan Watts.

Mónica Ambrosis says:

Subtítulos en español, por favor !!

Joe .J says:

I would not Put Christ in the same category as anyone else on Earth.

joel gil alfaro says:

I thing. Web are so Lucky. Todo learn this wisdom

Ante Lauc says:

I did write at Facebook for him, that he is autopoietic person. Do you
think so? If yes, live love and freedom!

allendefrancia says:

thank you for sharing, great learning!!

SupremeBeing Love says:


fersanz777 says:

This is beautiful…..

Nieve Roberts says:

I’m here because of Gentle Whispering

babyroses12 says:

great Wayne…advertisers get off of this site!! lol….we have too much
sense to listen to you…ha! 😉 Wayne is great..listen, read him for 38 yrs
now…it works…

54683NS says:

If he weren´t selling snake oil, then your response to me probably wouldn´t
reflect your own insecurities on supporting him. And no, Wayne Dyer has not
done anything for PBS. It´s the other way around. He gets to use an
invaluable “public” media platform to enrich himself. You can raise money
for PBS by showing any number of vacuous and empty programs. It doesn´t
have to be Wayne Dyer, but in this case it is, so he receives the critique
in exchange for the millions he´s made off of PBS.

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