UFC Fighter Dan Hardy on Psychedelics | London Real

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UFC Mixed Martial Fighter Dan Hardy meets London Real and gives us in depth details of his experiences with the psychedelics ayahuasca and psilocybin, explaining his philosophy behind their use and specifics about his rituals around it.

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Director of Photography: Simon McComb http://www.simonmccomb.com
Edited by Christie Madley http://vimeo.com/xty

Dan Hardy http://www.danhardymma.com/

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Music by: Kevin MacLeod

Dan Hardy on Aya


Alexander Duncan says:

There is something about psychedelics and macho men. I wonder what that is
all about?

Eddie Strike says:

I hope Dan retires from that knucklehead sport, he’s so far above that
crap. Having your brain beaten to mush for other peoples entertainment is a
stupid move.

Fred Taylor says:

Hopefully this guy will quit UFC soon, he seems like a good guy. I hope he
quits the drugs to, intelligent goo.

winstono75 says:

dark side of the moon is too depressive

tim Lazenby says:

Epic podcast. And havingtaken DMT 50 odd times, I totally agree. But whats
more profound to me is that, after taking any so called hallucinogenic, it
is VITAL that your experiences are discussed afterward…. as they are
doing in this podcast! 

zielin says:

ufc fighter with a brain? what the fuck nature

Dean Edward says:

is beating the brains out of his fellow fighters, and being beaten his way
of expressing all these profound feelings of elevated spirituality?

matt vovakiss says:

UFC Mixed Martial Artist Dan Hardy gives us in depth details of his
experiences with the psychedelics ayahuasca and psilocybin, explaining his
philosophy behind their use and specifics about his rituals around it.

L. Michael Barber says:

UFC Fighter Dan Hardy on Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and Marijuana | London Real

Boviss1 says:

All respect to Dan Hardy. Warrior and gentleman. I love the phrase – the
heroic dose – let it always be so.

CheckMyKDbro says:

Plant teacher? Damn this dude is trippin. YOU GOTTA SMOKE WEED EVERY GOD

LiveLoveMacaroni says:

uuugh, i never knew about that heroic dose..i ate 3 gs of mexican cubensis
this weekend! i would have ate the extra 2 if i knew! oh well awesome

Styx Candowithout says:

Dan has encountered a good teacher. He who gives respect is the one that
will earn his own. Thx for sharing, Chilly. ;)

thomas lowe says:

Its funny, i kinds feel the same way about most organized religion,
religion should be a personal journey, there is no one right religion for
everybody, its a personal journey what works for you, might not work for
me, am i going to hell for not believing the same as you, no i don”t think

andy bennett says:

The grey haired interviewer loves the sound of his own voice, yawn. 

Mike Hunt says:

He said he wouldnt say what other countries he did it in…..but…..Then
he says oh in Peru they give u a mug full and then he said here they give u
a shot and see how u feel lol here as in the UK gave himself
away anyways

Ben Henry says:

amazing interview

Portaportoopoo says:

Best one i have seen!

pabl0hassan says:

Im not sure if, you have moved onto, and you probably have, zero drop
shoes, shoes like vibram 5 fingers or vivobarefoot shoes, next level earth

Deepsee Dickens says:

Haha its like dogs what can talk

Eddie Strike says:

This intro is the corniest shit i’ve ever seen

tim Lazenby says:

Interesting what he say about looking the mirror, first time I heard that
mentioned. I get the same, but also I see a different me, like an older
shaman, heavily tattoed and pock marked. ancient me!

Zouloum says:

Don’t say Psilocybin when you refer to mushrooms. Use the term Psilocybin
mushrooms. If someone got the idea that taking 5 grams of psilocybin is
fine (pure psilocybin powder), then that wouldn’t be great as 16 milligrams
is considered a high dose. 5 grams of pure psilocybin could be dangerous.

Ayahuasca says:

Start Your Spirit Quest in the Jungle of Peru

Jonathan R says:

Are psychedelics legal in the UK?

CROSS says:

If all these medicines are making us well, what’s making us ill? If a
medicine is made to be taken continuously, is it really a cure and what is
the difference between someone who uses unprescribed pain killers and some
of these other medicine. Not saying that these are useless or necessarily
bad things.

MrWackywilson says:

how can i do psilocybin? let me know!
how do i buy it or grow it?

Fred Taylor says:

London Real. Is this what Britain is all about?

larry lovingstone says:

why is he not on the joe Rogan experience he needs to be on there NOW. 

Denver Chamberlain says:

if 5 grams is a heroic dose what would 28 be conisidered (this is my
standard heroic dose)
During an average trip i eat 14ish grams.

IVe tripped well over 100 times in the last 5-6 years and have only had a
few negative occurences that looking back now reveals that I could’ve
avoided them. 

Jose Sanchez says:

reptilians hmmmmmm…you know whatss going on

Adam Carter says:

The American guy reminded me of bishop from aliens, and what was with all
the David icke reptilian stuff?

BackForMore666 says:

this guy with the grey hair is a crackhead, you get so much information
from taking shrooms? lol… theyre not that incrediable its nothing like
people act

keyholeartists says:

Great conversation :-D

Christo Grobbelaar says:

Very wise and positive attitude towards psilocybin

Omar Al-Bochi says:

these guys are dead on. 

Let'sGo Surfing says:

Respect. Dan’s a smart & very articulate guy. His take on the world has
changed so much since his psychedelic experiences.

Adam Peter Varner says:

the narrator in the beginning is really normal/dorky sounding

ian knox says:

Dan hardy has wisdom beyond his years

AcidAlexx says:

These guys are literally reading my fucking mind. Subscribed.

Carlos Segura says:

damn a smart UFC fighter fucking no way

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