Space Odyssey Dubstep Remix

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NASA’s New Horizons Animation


2001: Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey Dubstep Remix

2001: Space Odyssey and NASA’s New Horizons Animation [Daisy Mashup] Ry Legit Music Video edited by Jedi Web Services.

NASA’s New Horizons is the first mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt of icy, rocky mini-worlds on the solar system’s outer frontier. This animation follows the New Horizons spacecraft as leaves Earth after its the January 2006 launch, through a gravity-assist flyby of Jupiter in February 2007, to the encounter with Pluto and its moons in summer 2015.

…With a little 2001: Space Odyssey In The Mix. 🙂

2001: Space Odyssey

Video Edited by:

Neil Sargisian
Jedi Web Services
Consciousness Revival
Consciousness Minded

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