Shamanism – Other Worlds – Ayahuasca Documentary

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This Ayahuasca Documentary features those who use Ayahuasca as a religious sacrament and to heal themselves through mother natures medicine. Those whose usage of ayahuasca is performed in non-traditional contexts often align themselves with the philosophies and cosmologies associated with ayahuasca shamanism, as practiced among indigenous peoples like the Urarina of Peruvian Amazonia. The religion Santo Daime uses it.

They mix chacruna leaves with ayahuasca, which contains several substances that inhibit the stomach enzyme. By cooking the two plants together for hours, it produces a drink that contains orally active DMT and the molecule is absorbed through the stomach intact and goes to the brain. How could they have discovered this recipe when we know that there are 80,000 species of evolved plants in the Amazon? Any giving combination would give only a one and six BILLION chance of finding it.

Jeremy Narby – Anthropologist – Author of “The Cosmic Serpent”

While non-native users know of the spiritual applications of ayahuasca, a less well-known traditional usage focuses on the medicinal properties of ayahuasca. Its purgative properties are highly important (many refer to it as la purga, “the purge”). The intense vomiting and occasional diarrhea it induces can clear the body of worms and other tropical parasites, and harmala alkaloids themselves have been shown to be anthelmintic. Thus, this action is twofold; a direct action on the parasites by these harmala alkaloids (particularly harmine in ayahuasca) works to kill the parasites, and parasites are expelled through the increased intestinal motility that is caused by these alkaloids.


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Fred Taylor says:

People do not understand that when they are under the influence of this
medicin they should not be filmed or photographed. Your souls and hearts
are stolen by sorscers.

Martin Smith says:

A common thread throughout this very well made documentary seems to be:
Only ever attempt “Shamanic Transcendence” in the presence of highly
experienced practitioners.

shankti oviedo says:

a Journey into the invisible.
+Hervé Sorée 

Sofie Løve Forsberg says:

*Shamanism – Other Worlds (Ayahuasca Documentary)*

Festival Channel says:

OK. There is a Dr in this video who says something along the line of “What
a shame that these drugs are being done by ravers on the weekends” To all
you arrogant assholes who “only do psychedelics in college”. Without youth
culture hippies, freaks and ravers experimenting over the last 70 years or
so, you wouldn’t be talking about this documentary now! And you may know
chemistry, and a little psychology but you guys never put God or anything
spiritual first so go to the back of the line, you failed!

Meena Tres says:

Just take the Ayahuasca man, why do they need to sacrifice the poor
animal? It seems to me that they are getting joy out of this. This
primitive bullshit has to stop.

skinkpaj says:

This is totally amazing, can’t believe that mother earth can be so powerful!
Haha and btw.. at 41:45 that shaman is in the movie ‘Blueberry’ (2004!)

Extremely great movie : D

Fred Taylor says:

Boviss, I agree. I know nothing, I am a baby. Something told me though, I
believe, common sense, is that there is a protocol in these ceremonies
which is followed, these are from our ancestors. If we recognize and
respect our ancestors we will be alright.
Festiv channel I also see your point. I will agree to disagree, though
eventually the message will come through.

Daniela Damian says:
Victor Lausell says:

Recently met a real shaman near Pisac, Peru in the Sacred Valley, an area
full of so called shamans. Most of them are musicians that work with the
medicine from a Peace and Love perspective. Nothing wrong with that.
Attended one of those ceremonies and had a lot of fun and loving feelings.
However, this other guy was a real shipiboindian from the Amazon, a master
of ayahuasca, who comes from a family of shamans.
If you want to do some serious work with the medicine plant do not forego a
visit with Ronin Soy, a shipibo indian whose means sweetwater snake. This
is no circus ride or a happy feeling sensation but a deeper voyage into the
ways of the spirit.

RobSousa says:

Wow… what a beautiful sanake! :)

Mr.S says:

Not watching this because uploaded in 240p.

xoahk xodu says:

Shamanism – Other Worlds – Ayahuasca Documentary

benjamín saravia says:

Must watch

Dany Gilbert says:

one of the unique documentaries

Phil Cash Cash says:

Fascinating documentary.

Sara-Leyla Rémy says:

Are you fond of Ayahuesca ? Watch now the trailer of the documentary El
Gran Dragon before its national release on the 5th of March 2014, leave a
comment in Allocine !

The Great Dragon is the story of an expedition to Peru, in search of an
ancestral knowledge, on the verge of extinction. By meeting many people, we
wanted to discover the origins of traditional medicine, a way to understand
the basis of occidental medication. How and why have we become so distant
from natural remedies, to the point where we no longer remember all the
lessons they taught us.

Elizee T. says:

A beautiful documentary…

Jay Horner says:

Why do they HAVE to sacrifice an animal!

Elham Karimi says:

I didn’t quite understand why they had to sacrifice the animal? Anyone who
know the answer? To me it seem unnecessary. Is there a reason for why they
do that?

davide gentiletti says:

Dear, thanks a lot for this documentary and for sharing.
i had several ceremony during the last year, and I have finally decided to
move to Peru to start my Journey to learn more.
im planning to stay long time, at least 2 year.
can you suggest a genuine shaman which might accept me as alumni ?

many thanks

stanipathov says:

31:37 wow the singing is mizing

Jev Ro says:

Instead of “other worlds” I prefer “inner journey”!

Bilbo Baggins says:


buddha ireland says:

Honoring Plant Teachers

MycroftPlays says:

Absolutely nothing you just said has anything to do with what I did. You
continue to pose a fallacious argument – a false dichotomy between the
“earth” and “science”. Everything humans have built, created, designed,
invented, and discovered, is the product of our brain’s capacity to reason.
Every spirituality and religion is the product of our brain’s capacity to
imagine. I’ll be the first to agree with you that we should pursue a more
environmentally ethical and sustainable society

mathiasvanacker says:

have you ever tried aya?

romn23 says:

Well after watching this i am much more proud of my Mongolian shamans.
These guys and others use so much drugs to contact spirits when Mongolian
shamans just drink milk tea to do it lol. I guess we really are blessed by
the eternal blue sky. Good luck to all foreign shamans.

Selim Dellah says:

la fin du film ki fais la musique flute

MilanaMay says:

Anybody who wants to travel with me to do the Ayahuasca, please, hit me on
twitter @MilanaMay Im organizing the group. Let’s go

Richard Coldman says:

The “other voice”, claiming that ayahuasca was discovered by “trial and
error” is that of Dr Rick Strassman. I shan’t be buying his book DMT: The
Spirit Molecule after all. To project Western scientific thinking onto
thousands of years of Amazonian shamanic practice demonstrates a
fundamental ignorance of the nature of shamanic consciousness.

Rich Russet says:

go away

bennymcfarlane says:

I agree. & If you’re going to shoot at an animal, at least have some grasp
on marksmanship so the creature doesn’t suffer needlessly.

SsjTurles says:

Well I apologize for my heated reply but my ego is strong anyway – but yes,
I’ve had many strong experiences that scared me, I think if your mind or
emotional body is too sensitive then you’re going to get into a whole heap
of shit when you do hallucinogens – I recommend doing techniques on a
spiritual level to strengthen your sphere of personal influence before
taking anything that opens you up into a Yin-state – safer, less chance of
being manipulated by astral entities into a panic. Peace x

ratpatrolxxx says:


Nicola Reddwooddforest says:

Thank you for saying this. The fact that people have downrated your comment
goes to show again and again that humanity has a long way to go to get to a
more advanced mental state. Much love for you. Nicola

Nicola Reddwooddforest says:

Yes, I totally realized that my comment was misunderstood, it was under the
wrong person’s comment even, I don’t know what exactly happened, I must not
have paid attention to where I clicked reply. Haha. Yes, I am a vegetarian,
mainly vegan. Mainly raw. I am against killing any animal, no matter what
the “reason” for it is because I believe that humans have to make that step
now to move away from killing in general, we have the cortex to understand
the implications, so why not make that step.

Oc Tlatelolco says:

this poor animal doesn’t deserve this kind of death, this is cruelty 🙁 no
es necesario sacrificar ningun ser vivo para llegar a activar nuestra
glandula pineal, existen otras formas

Terry Hendrix says:

i am a shaman

highyellow22 says:

So these people complaining about killing animals are either vegans or
stuck up uppity bitches that eat meat and want to complain about something
that happens everyday because they don’t like seeing their food killed in
front of them. I don’t believe in torturing animals either, just give them
a quick death and get it over with, so get off your high horse and STFU.

Richard Coldman says:

At 17.30 Jeremy Narby says that the shamans had a one in six billion chance
of finding the winning combination of plants to produce something with just
such an effect as ayahuasca has. Then, another voice tells us that
shamanism is an ancestral tradition whose knowledge and lore is based on
“trial and error”. Wrong! Trial and error is too slow and too reckless!
They learned just as all shamans around the world have learned – directly
from the being of the plants, by listening with the heart.

Lisa Rosdonen says:


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