Pi Day Is STILL Wrong

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Contrary To Popular Belief, Today Is NOT Pi Day

In the late 16th century, Pope Gregory implemented the “Gregorian calendar” that we use today. The 12 months of the year are labeled starting with January as the first month, February the second, etc, with our New Year being Jan. 1st. Throughout antiquity many cultures have celebrated the New Year in March when the sun passes over the equator. This elevation of the sun designates the spring, with new life sprouting up, and hence where the original concept of “passover” is derived.

Pi Day

If we were to label our months accurately, according to the actual numerics given to us by the names of our months, we find March should be the first month of our year, NOT the third as is currently understood.

A few examples:

Sept means 7 and yet September is the 9th month. Octo means 8 and yet October is the 10th month, etc. Our current labeling of the months makes no logical or rational sense whatsoever. Our months should therefore be labeled as follows:

  • March (1)
  • April (2)
  • May (3)
  • June (4)
  • July (5)
  • August (6)
  • September (7)
  • October (8)
  • November (9)
  • December (10)
  • January (11)
  • February (12)

So no, today is NOT Pi day, today is actually 1/14/15 NOT 3/14/15.

Did I just spoil all the fun? Sorry. Make yourself feel better and go have some cake.

You can still celebrate Albert Einstein’s Birthday today. 🙂


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