Málaga’s Finger Painting Maestro

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This video is of 43-year-old finger painter Fabian Gaete from Chile. He is a street artist that creates amazing landscape pictures in just three minutes despite using nothing but his fingers! 3 pictures in 3 minutes – this guy is a machine! Find him outside Málaga cathedral.

Finger Painter Fabian Gaete

Fabian Gaete specializes in painting landscapes such as trees, mountains, and waterfalls; and he does it in under 3 mins without even using a brush. Instead he uses his fingers!

Fabian Gaete Fastest Finger Painter

Spectators often watch mesmerised as Fabian Gaete appears to create magic right before their eyes in under 3 mins. Bob Ross, doesn’t have much on this painter. At least when it comes to unique style and speed.

Fabian Gaete Finger Painting Art


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