Little Tad from Sri Lankan Breakdancing

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This clip is from a Tamil Movie. I don’t know the name of the movie. The ‘dancing fellow’ is a midget and person sits on the bed from the left hand side is also a midget. The ‘adult’ person is lying on bed is a famous actor from south Indian movie industry. People call him ‘Superstar’, since he has a huge fans following. His name is ‘Rajnikanth’. Probably, an Indian movies’ fan knows him. The ‘dancing midget’ actor was in his early 30s when this movie was shot. So, smoking the ‘bedi or bidi’ was not illegal at his age, I guess. The midget actor’s screen name was ‘Thavakala’ in a colloquial Tamil — It can be translated roughly in English as ‘A frog’ or ‘short’. The ‘midget’ actor is an avid fan of big superstar ‘Rajinikanth’ and he can dance, move, act, and speak like the original one.

Music: MC Miker G & DJ Sven’s “Holiday Rap”



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