LEVITATION | [Mix Dance and 3D Mapping]

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LEVITATION | [Mix Dance and 3D Mapping]

Levitation is a dance performance choreographed by Anna Abalikhina and designed by Sila Sveta studio for the show Bolshoi Ballet for Russia K TV.  In it, dancer Jura Chulkov defies gravity with the aid of beautiful 3D mapping projections.

Interpretive dance and 3D projection mapping, levitation is a showcase of collaboration between the dancer and choreographer Anna Abalikhina, and specialist in projection, Sila Sveta.

Set up against a wall, the dancer Jura Chulkov moves like a puppet on a string in conjunction with Sila Sveta’s amazing visual elements.  The dance is choreographed in sync with the music of the composer Mitya Vikhornov, with a variety of 3D visual depth projected illusions that will leave you spellbound.  Chulkov maneuvers his body through this gravity-defying routine, alternating between two stages that are connected at a 90-degree angle.  All of the 3D mapping images projected during the performance were actually rendered in real time, without any post-production.


Art Director: Arthur Kondrashenkov
Choreographer: Anna Abalikhina
Creative Producer: Alexander Us
Producers: Aleksey Rozov, Denis Astakhov, Alexander Us
Project Manager: Alexander Cherstvov
Music and Sound Design: Mitya Vikhornov
Dancer: Jury Chulkov
Coding and Technical Support: Denis Akopov, Dmitry Napolnov
Storyboard: Polina Sukhanova, Adeliya Koldarova
Concept of a Whale: Daria Shurkina


Learn More: http://silasveta.com/work/levitation


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