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This creative video was actually designed to help conceal a net neutrality stakeholder ploy by Onward Internet. After a huge two-week investigation, the advocacy group ProPublica has now positively identified Onward Internet as largely backed by the “National Cable and Telecommunications Association.” The NCTA is one of the telecom industry’s biggest trade groups and one of the loudest voices against regulating net neutrality.

In other words… The NCTA, disguised under the name “Onward Internet” created a strategic plan to gather valuable information through large black “Internet suggestion boxes” at busy street corners in tech centers like San Francisco and New York. The boxes are surrounded by Millennial types. Some of them are wearing nerdy space suit costumes. They gathered information that would most likely not be provided to them if their audience only knew who they really were providing this information to.


Onward Internet


The group portrayed themselves as hipsters and uses familiar language like “The Internet is a wild, free thing, unbounded by limits, unfettered by rules, it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the Internet continues to advance.” This is often the rhetoric of groups working against net neutrality legislation and are the kind of statements that imply interested in keeping the internet “fair” for everyone. But the reality is that the NCTA is only looking to further empower themselves. By limiting the most powerful tool WE all possess and giving themselves the power they take from us, they would only FURTHER empower themselves (as if they are not powerful enough) and continue to disempowering 99% of us.

There are strong indications that network operators like the big telco and cable companies are already selling “Internet fast lanes.” It may be a trillion-dollar business that’s largely happening in the dark.

Groups like the NCTA have every reason to get very crafty in their public relations efforts on the issue. Convincing young people that “regulating the Internet is bad” would be a huge win for the NCTA but the real objective of the group is to create uncertainty and doubt around the issue by blurring the lines between “for” and “against.” If people are confused about the issue, lawmakers are less likely to take action. It’s a well-known political tactic to muddy the waters and preserve the status quo.

It’s also important to note that this isn’t just about money for organizations like the NCTA. This is about continuing to control the consciousness of the masses through Television “Programing” and propaganda which has largely created the reality construct matrix as we know it. Cable companies hijack our consciousness from a very early age through tv programing designed to stimulate mass social values needed for the continued empowerment of their enterprises and monopolies. Thanks to the power for the internet, in its current state, more and more people are beginning to WAKE UP and frankly, it’s scaring the shit out of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.

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