Buddha Boy Ram Bomjon Gadhi Mai Speech on October 30, 2009

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Dharma Sangha (earlier Palden Dorje, born Ram Bahadur Bomjan) was born on April 9, 1990 in Ratanpuri village, Bara district, Nepal. Ram’s parents are farmers. His mother, Maya Devi was married at 12. She had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Ram was her third son. When she was in her pregnancy, she found she was unable to eat meat without becoming ill. The son, whom she named Ram, would not eat meat. He would leave the house for long intervals from an early age. Ram was always pleased to see a lama or a holy person and fastidiously imitated them. He often seemed to be lost in thought and spoke little. Whenever someone spoke to him, he would reply with a smile and would treat people of all ages equally.

Ram Bahadur Bomjan Speach


“I have taken refuge in the greatest vehicle of vehicles which is the Yampa Dharma.

I have taken refuge in all monks and the sanghas of all religions.
I turn to the wisdom of Buddha and the Noble Masters.
With all sentient beings I take refuge in the wisdom of the all-knowing Buddha, Mai Maitreya.
For world peace for all sentient beings I wish you well and first give you these blessings:

  • Om Namo Guru Buddha Gyani (Hail to the Master of the Wisdom of Buddha).
  • Hail to the formless Divine Mother, by whom the worldly cycle of sin was overcome in nine forms, has dedicated Buddha Gyani, the form of wisdom for the guidance and the welfare of sentient beings.

In the whole universe, it is not that the wisdom of the
Noble Truths does not exist. In all noble beings there are codes of ethics, initiations, religions, which change, and they change appearances. In all noble human beings there can be wrong codes of ethics, initiations and religions which are sadly poisoned by the world in the form of wealth.

Thus accept only noble path of dharma. In the world there are only three kinds of formless dharmas:

  • First is the dharma form that causes bad influences.
  • The second shows the form of upside-down, reverse dharma.
  • Third is the appearance of true form of Dharma.

That is to say:


  • The first dharma of bad influence. In this universe, in order to secure one’s own selfish pleasures; fear, threats, terrorism, violence and demonstration of miracles are used to protect the wrong code of conduct. Pure selfishness causes this, and it is not right way.
  • The second show the form of upside-down, reverse dharma. Humans in order to profit from momentary gains have strayed from the path of truth. This is a harmful form (of dharma).
  • The third true Dharma in order to benefit sentient beings of the world adheres to the path of virtue and having an inner sense of wellbeing. This form of true dharma is the form that leads from suffering and ignorance to wisdom through loving kindness.

Between this earth and the sky, there live infinite number of beings which are conscious of this world, whose ways are birth, death and impermanence.

Let us humans search for peace, Mai Maitreya, truth and wisdom.
This world is unable to make such a search with its kinds of morals and behavior. There is no foundation for good moral conduct. We have become anti-social. There is harm; there is rage, selfishness and jealousy, constructing the society. And the construction of society is devoid of foundations.
An innocent being should not be deprived of its happy life and be surrendered by sacrifice, so that by its death “conscious” human beings can acquire wealth!
How selfish can they be?
Human society has lost the power of Mai Maitreya to show mercy, love and compassion. So human beings murder innocent beings.
Why do they do it?
We human beings, in order to fulfill our sinful selfishness harm sentient beings. In order to fulfill ones desires, only good old traditional and ethical ways can be used. With this message I would like to appeal to all religions to let innocent beings be free from harm at Gadhimai Temple.


At Ghadimai Temple animals which…
…the innocent animals…
…at our villages and homes…
…the innocent animals…
…may this not happen…
…may obstacles in worship and harm not happen…
May all beings be happy!”


This is a follow up to “The Boy With Divine Powers – Discovery Channel Documentary


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