Big Pharma LOVES The Opioid Epidemic!

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With marijuana illegal and DEA’s attempts to make alternative pain meds like cbd hemp oil Schedule I, Big Pharma has only reaped the benefits.  But when the DEA threatened that cushy relationship by expanding its war on drugs to fight opioid drugmakers, Big Pharma’s kid gloves came off.  Despite the tens of thousands of U.S. opioid overdose deaths a year, pharma companies used their money and influence to disarm the DEA’s best tools against keeping opioids like oxycodone off the black market.  Opioid addiction kills 78 people each day and another 20.8 million have a substance use disorder, but just 10 percent of those 20.8 million receive treatment, says Dr. Vivek Murthy in a report called, “Facing Addiction in America.”.  Natalie McGill covers this fight of evil versus a better funded evil with stock options.

Opioid Addiction


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The government’s struggle to hold opioid manufacturers accountable


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