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This is a short recording of Bashar discussing the topics of Fear and “Trust.”


Knowing who you are now, is what will allow whatever needs to represent that, come in. You do not have to know specifically how, and what way that will manifest. That’s not the job of the physical consciousness. It’s the job of the Higher Mind. Physical consciousness is not designed to understand how things are going to happen. Physical mind is only designed to understand how things have happened. Higher Mind knows how things will happen.
So if you simply open up and be who you wish to be right now in the present as a state of being you will give your higher mind the best opportunity you can to deliver to you those things that are reflective of how things will happen. Physical mind doesn’t always have to know how that will be, and can’t actually know. It can form a symbol that represents it but that’s all it is. So don’t insist that it has to happen a certain way because when you insist that it has to happen a certain way, you actually prevent the higher mind from giving it to you in a way that can actually be ‘beyond’ what you imagined…


Darryl Anka as Bashar
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