Android Jones 2013 Trailer

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Andrew (Android) Jones has made quite a name for himself as a visual and visionary artist. He started his career with George Lucas at Industrial Light and Magic, and worked as the only North American concept artist for the Japanese gaming company Nintendo and became creative director for the entertainment development company Massive Black Inc., of which he is a founder; just to name a few of his achievements. His artwork aims to demonstrate creativity as the foundation of consciousness and social change.

Jones tells us, unlike a lot of artists, the creativity he puts in his artwork doesn’t have any predetermined destinations in mind as to how his pieces will turn out in the end. He says they just kind of come together through the process of play and experimentation. Jones trans-dimensional art has evolved beyond traditional modalities into a more digital arena while using software programs such as Painter, Photoshop, ZBrush, and Alchemy often discovering and creating new combination uses of tools that exceed the original intentions of their programmers.

Viewing the digital domain as a medium of energy and light capable of expanding the nature of reality, Android’s art encourages others to explore the potential interfaces of mind and machine in this time of accelerating change and increasing novelty. In Android’s live art performances, including the acclaimed Phadroid dance performances with Phaedra Ana Jones, he incorporates elements of chance and improvisation, inviting synchronicities that additionally exceed the individual artist’s intentions and allow for unscripted moments of beauty to shine through.

Wanderer Awakened from Android Jones on Vimeo.

Mother of Trance Dragons
from Android Jones on Vimeo.

UNION by Android Jones

geishandroid high raw print

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