Visualizing Herd Immunity with 500 Mousetraps! (feat The Slow Mo Guys)

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“It’s Okay To Be Smart” by PBS put out a great video educating viewers on how to easily visualize how herd immunity works. To do so, they use 500 mousetraps and ping pong balls.



More vaccine info here:

Special thanks to @The Slow Mo Guys​ !

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Thanks to Gates Notes for Supporting PBS.

Since the start of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the term “herd immunity” has been all over the news. But what does it really mean? One thing most people don’t realize about vaccines is that they aren’t just to protect the person who gets the shot. They also protect the population as a whole… even people who didn’t get the shot. In this video, we use lots and lots of mousetraps and ping-pong balls to show you how that works. #coronavirus​ #vaccines​



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