Unique Solutions for Industry, LLC.

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Unique Solutions for Industry, LLC. is a family business founded in 2004. Its partners embrace technical disciplines that include chemistry and engineering. Its tout decades of experience matching products to a host of technically-based needs in the fields of mining and general industry, both domestic and international.

The mission of USI is to provide unique and unparalleled values to its customers by offering customized solutions-not just products for the variety of industrial needs that are encountered in its target markets. USI maintains that otherwise typical and expensive solutions to industrial problems can be improved upon and made even more cost effective when the right product is combined with the right technical service and customer training.

Our expertise, experience, and work ethics constitute the foundation of our success. Keeping abreast of new technologies and researching new products is an ongoing initiative that set us apart in providing the absolute best, most cost-effective solutions for our customers. We keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology by doing the homework for them.



Unique Solutions For Industry, LLC.


Unique Solutions For Industry, LLC. provides viable solutions to problems than many industries face regarding water treatment, dust control, loader scales, slurries and more. These solutions are designed to cut costs, streamline productivity, and minimize damage to the environment.

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