JSECoin Cryptocurrency

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This new JSECoin ICO is going to market on October 11th, 2018 and you can begin mining this cryptocurrency immediately in under 60 seconds!

There’s nothing to download, no cost to mine and no risk!

You can sign up and begin mining JSECoin with us today in under 60 seconds!  Here’s how!

First, ignore the signup link mentioned in the video and signup instead.


After you sign up using the fields “to the right of the video” in the new tab that will open up in the link above, we will get 500 JSECoin just for referring you and you’ll get the same for each of your referrals!

You can then begin mining JSECoin with a click of a button.

JCECoin Mining

Some have projected an estimated value of over $300 per JSEcoin by next month, but these are just projections. One thing is for sure, it will be worth something and the more people we get to join and mine, the more valuable the ICO will be.

A typical computer will mine over 30 JSECoin per day, and even more if you are also a publisher! …and when you get others to sign up, you’ll get 500 JSECoin for each referral.


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