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Android TV Box


DigiXstream HD Streaming Media Player

The brand new FOMOstream® Android TV Box | HD, 3D & 4K Streaming Media Player is the best streaming tv box on the market!  Their entire Fs1 Series outperforms all other Android TV Boxes with specs through the roof and more upgrades and capabilities than any other Android TV Box available!

This 4K Media Streamer that comes pre-installed with Google Play Store Apps and Kodi, 17.1 Krypton, add-ons already set up and configured for easy use, because they understand most of the world is not filled with tech geeks and lifehackers.

These Android media streaming players connect to your TV through an HDMI cable (provided) and tethers into your internet through Wifi or Ethernet.

No Cable TV Provider Needed!

No More Monthly Bills!

HD Streaming Media Player

The FOMOstream® comes with a 1-year warranty & tech support is also available 7-Days a Week!  (U.S. based company & support)

With the FOMOstream® HD Streaming Media Player, you will be able to enjoy all your favorite movies and tv shows in an easy to navigate, highlight and click format, without the use of a cable tv provider. You can also, play games like all the old Nintendo classic. You can use it as a Karaoke machine, Web browser, and even an interactive dynamic picture frame when not in use.

Watch Live TV (including PPV) or all your favorite Pre-Recorded Shows and Movies (including Cable TV programming). Music add-ons have also been included such as Pandora, Soundcloud, Radio Apps, Podcast add-ons, and even an Emergency Broadcast Scanner add-on installed!

Internet TV w/ XBMCComes with a Smart Remote that lets you play, pause, ff, rr, stop, volume control, scrolling, cursor option, bookmark, search, and more but you can also attach an air mouse and wireless keyboard, game controllers, light packs, and more through the 3 usb connectors on the box. Also will take SD cards. FULLY endorses HD Streaming Media Players as the coolest and most exciting toys on the market; and right now each model is under $600! If you like that, you’re really going to like this!


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(Coupon expires Jan 1st, 2019)

Fs1 Series from FOMOstream Android TV Box


FOMOstream Android TV Box Launcher Screen


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Thanks for the hook up guys! This tv box setup is proper!!!

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