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Boulder Vapor House ( ), provides their customers with a viable and enjoyable alternative to smoking. Their primary product consists of various electronic cigarettes (vaporizers), eJuices, and accessories, that provide the same experience as smoking, without the use of tobacco. BVH vapor shop carries premier variable voltage devices manufactured by leading brands like SMOKtech, INNOKIN, KANGER, to cater to multiple vaping demographics. Just like smoking, personal preference is really important when it comes to our product. That’s why they sell eJuices of many different flavors and nicotine concentrations in order to cater to your specific palate. From new to experienced vapor users, you are invited to participate in the tasting process of over 100 flavors of eJuice, so you can choose the right one for you. Between BVH products, quality service, and unique atmosphere, their house can easily become your home for all vapor needs. (Must be 18 years or older to use this product)

Seriously, this place is cool! Certainly one of the most popp’n places in Boulder, CO and that’s saying a lot because Boulder is pretty popp’n in general. The owners and staff of BVH are super friendly and helpful. There’s 100’s of flavors to try for free while checking out the amazing artwork they feature each week. Event’s and parties with live music or DJ’s are common during the evenings. Really cool hip spot to meet cool hip peeps and get your vape on.

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Sean Tanner, Boulder Vapor House Owner

Vapor Smoke Shop


Boulder Vapor House often throws events in which they give away thousands of dollars in prices to 20+ different winners! Follow BVH On FB to stay tuned for more details on their next meet up!

Vapor House Events


Stop in to check out the awesome posterscene  artwork. You can have your brand new poster framed in the store too!

Boulder Vapor House Art


Come into BVH today and let one of their fabulous employees like Kurt ( below ) set you up with one of the very best mechanical mods on the market! We offer low cost rebuilds and hands-on service that can’t be beat!

Vapor House Shop


Boulder Vapor House – 1155 13th St. Unit B, Boulder CO 80302 – 720-287-2092

Boulder Vapor House


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