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Anonymous, the secret internet group of hackers and activists (“hactivists”), may have a new target: Mr. and Mrs. Kanye West.

It seems that West is Anonymous’s latest target because, to put it simply, they’re fed up with his antics in regards to both his personal life and his professional life. Calling him “ego-centric” and someone who “pollute[s] the planet even more with your bickering, loud mouth, over-grown ego, annoying influence, and mission-less message,” the group tells him he’s been targeted saying,

“We once had a great deal of respect for you. We admired your art, creativity, original vision, and non-conformity in your work. But now, Anonymous has targeted you here with this message because you disgrace what you stand for, when you self-proclaim to be a modern Renaissance prodigy in your radio and TV interviews with such an obnoxious history, it pisses us off. We watch the things you say and the way you depict yourself. You are not anywhere even close to the status of our brothers and sisters who made the Renaissance period what it was. I think it’s time to awaken from your insanity…you’re not a Renaissance man, you’re just a new slave the industry uses to help keep the population in a cycle of stupidity and distraction.”

anonymous kayne west

The video starts off with West’s controversial rant on the music industry following the Grammy’s (in which he almost cut off Beck during his acceptance speech for Best Album).

Then, a face with a Guy Fawkes mask with a British accent appears on the screen and goes into a 7-minute long speech (part of which is transcribed below) set to West’s song, “Power,” bringing up their distaste for Kardashian, “breaking the Internet”, his mother, and more:

“You always have to steal the moment from others who work equally as hard for their recognition, and even expect everyone else to be aligned with your personal opinions. You smack other artists in the face if they don’t fit within your personal definition of an artist.
You’re like a spoiled child in a grown man’s body who is willing to set off a boiling temper tantrum at any moment if you don’t get all the things you want.
I bet your wife is subconsciously fed up with raising a little boy for a husband, and I am sure your mother would have been so proud of your behavior.
Can I ask you something? Would she have stood beside you and your wife’s decision, you know, to break the Internet with Kim’s full nude photos?
There’s nothing wrong with sacrificing your morality for a little bit of extra income and attention. Am I correct? You seem comfortable with your wife as she continues to milk society’s attention with their own controllable obsession with sex.
A woman who skates through life with the praise and worship fueled by the leak of a sex tape on the Internet. Really Mr. West? Is this the best you could do with so many talented, artistic women across countries?
By approving this irresponsible behavior, you are accepting the reality that one day your daughter will face the repercussions of this photo with classmates in school.
You also are condoning this to the young girls who follow Kim on Twitter and witnessed her success as she continuously rises to fame and stardom using her body. What a fantastic moral to spread, right?
Well, there’s an upbringing that would make every mother leap for joy. After all, what’s wrong with teaching teenage girls that society actually rewards you for posing nude?
Let’s just influence the whole country to embrace perversity, that’s a good way to lead society, as if it wasn’t bad enough already. What a great idea you can teach your daughter. Why not take further. Why don’t we get a family portrait, of all of your greedy bottoms lined up for the whole world to see.
That would gain you a ton of attention. You can use it to promote your new shoes…”

The face of Anonymous then launches into a further attack on West’s career, bringing up his mother again…

“I bet even Jesus himself would have been proud to walk with you.”

Cheekily, near the end, Anonymous adds,

“no one man should have all that power,” and that “fashion shows are not going to make the world a better place.”

They add, “Anonymous would like to extend a sincere, and jolly, ‘Fuck you’.”

The video claims to be courtesy of the notorious hactivists and affiliated with Anonymous, but it has yet to be authenticated or confirmed that indeed Anonymous is responsible for the smear.


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